5 tips to dominate local SEO

Do you want to get more business locally? SEO (search engine optimization) can help you get it.  Krista shares 5 tips on how you can use SEO to help promote your business to people that live and work near you.

5 tips to dominate local SEO

Too often, entrepreneurs leave money on the table (and customers in the dark) by failing to drive traffic to their business.

Small-business owners should formulate a creative content plan that focuses on dominating local search engine optimization searches. Otherwise, content plans might be too general or not tailored toward a local target audience.

Some entrepreneurs just build a website and hope people stumble upon it. If you want to get an edge, however, your content should be optimized for your unique local markets, and your site must be crafted with mobile browsers in mind.

Here are five SEO tips to keep in mind:

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