Video: 4 Must-Do Tips for Mobile Video Marketers

Videos are powerful advertising tools. Everyone needs to start using them. We are early in their development so you are never going to be too late to use them.

The more entertaining you can make it, the better the chance for it to go viral. We have seen many businesses explode due to a single viral video.

There are many rules and opinions on making your videos entertaining. With so much to watch these days, you need to do something special to stand out, even just a little bit.

Amy provide 9 tips to help you make a great video.

 Video: 4 Must-Do Tips for Mobile Video Marketers

In this week’s episode of The Pivot, we present four tips for making sure your mobile videos are optimized for the widest possible audience. From quickly engaging viewers to scripting for silence, here are some must-dos when producing video for an audience on the go.

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