The 10 Best Free Traffic Sources in 2018 (Updated)

Finding free traffic for your website really is not free. You may not pay in dollars but you do pay in time. You have a choice, outsource it to others or do it yourself. Your business budget will help make this decision for you.

Either way, it is always a good thing to be working on when you are not working on your regular paid advertising and marketing.

The 10 Best Free Traffic Sources in 2018 (Updated)

It is really hard to get free traffic to a new website. Search engines do not trust you, you do no have backlinks or a big following on social media.

But you must find your direction.

You can start blogging and target keywords for Google traffic, build a Facebook page or a huge following on Twitter.


When you start getting enough traffic to make sales and grow your business is definitely worth the hard work you have to do before. But you cannot work on every place on the internet. Start with one or two ways until you master them.

Below you see a list of the 10 best free traffic sources to choose what it fits your business.

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