13 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

If you want to make Facebook work for your business you must get people engaged with your Facebook page. Having great content and information that your customers can use is important.

You need to find ways to get your customers to stay on your site and want more. You do this by getting them engaged and then leading them into a sales funnel. The end goal is to create a new customer or get a current customer to buy more.

Julia Bramble with Socialmediaexaminer.com shares 13 ideas on how you can do this.

13 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

Do you want more organic visibility in the Facebook news feed? Wondering what types of posts and content are working for others?In this article, you’ll find 13 ways to create Facebook posts that generate meaningful interactions and improve organic news feed visibility.

Page by: Julia Bramble on Social Media Examiner.

Why Is Facebook Engagement So Important?

First, let’s recap why engagement is so important for successful Facebook marketing. Engagement on a Facebook post happens when the post makes a sufficient impact on people (and often sparks an emotional involvement) that they feel compelled to respond. Regular moments of impact and emotional involvement with a target audience are obviously at the heart of successful social media marketing.

Human nature being what it is, seeing reactions and comments on a post will trigger curiosity and therefore more attention and impact.

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